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Perhaps fortune tellers would say that I'm obviously thinking about who I want to murder in these bad quality webcam shots.
Anyway, please let me explain more...
You may have already noticed my thumb and how it's a little thick, I guess my ring is unintentionally covering it slightly. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I only need 2 shoes instead of 3, and gloves and rings, surprisingly, fit alright (and I don't just mean toe rings haha). It is known as murderer's thumb, toe thumb, hammer thumb, club/clubbed thumb, potter's thumb (I am originally from a city which is renowned for its pottery - Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stoke-on-Trent#Pottery, how coincidental and fitting!), dutch thumb, stub thumb, special thing, or weirdly gross thing. It's safe to say that it's called many things. If I was to go all posh on your arse I'd call it 'Brachydactyly type D' (or BDD for short).

I'd never payed much attention to my right thumb (my left thumb is non-BDD) or thought anything was 'wrong' with it.
On one of the first few days of starting high school I remember a girl I was sat next to in an IT class (a class where we'd obviously be typing on keyboards) and she asked me 'what happened to your thumb?', I hesitated a little with a smile on my face, and I replied 'I don't know'. Some of my friends knew about it from when we'd paint each other nails during girly sleepovers, even now some more recent friends know about but because I brought it up in conversation and completely joked about the little bugger, some people are quite fascinated by it - one of my housemates has a whole book about palmistry, she's a super clever egg in general.

It's strange that I haven't come across any other family members who have BDD, as of yet anyway, even my twin brother doesn't have BDD. I asked my mum about it and she didn't know anyone with it, in fact, she knew nothing of BDD - neither did I at this point. A few years later, me and my mum were passing the local doctor and decided to quickly nip in and see if they knew anything, it was almost closing but a nurse came out, quickly looked at my thumb and said 'oh that is strange isn't it', she had no idea either. She kindly recommended that I should arrange x-rays, but years passed and I never got around to doing so.
Megan FoxMegan FoxMegan Fox
I stumbled across a few films involving Megan Fox, and later discovered on an online article that she had what was called a 'toe thumb', and snap, it was just like mine. In an interview, she states that her mother ate fish containing mercury during pregnancy - it was an unknown 'risk' during the 70s when she was conceived which was, apparently, the likely the cause of her BDD. However, I have found no sources or research which support the claim of fish and mercury consumption causing BDD. Out of curiosity, I asked my mum if she had consumed fish during pregnancy and she said no (she's generally not a fan of fish). Since discovering Megan Fox a few years ago, I managed to collect various sources of information about 'toe thumb':

'Wonder no more – these thumbs are known in scientific circles as brachydactyly type D, a type of thumb characterized by a shortened distal phalanx (the bone at the tip of the digit) – and we are about to plumb the history, prevalence, myths and genetic basis behind these thumbs.'

'BDD was first characterized by fortune tellers practicing palmistry. According to Angelfire.com’s page on Indian palmistry:

The Murderer’s Thumb Unveiled —- The clubbed thumb was traditionally called the ‘murderer’s thumb’ denoting the powerful temper of those who carried it. This thumb has a short first phalange (section) and is broad. The tip of the thumb is fleshy and the thumbnail is short and broad. According to those who know, people with clubbed thumbs [however] are strong willed and can control their emotions.

Such a description is rather more palatable than Palmistrylines.com’s take:

This thumb is in a shape of a club. People possessing this type of thumb are animalistic in nature and thought system. They bear brutality of Elementary type. They can harm or murder out of callousness. They lack premeditation and depth.

Ouch! This leads the meeker among the BDD carriers to wonder: why such a dark reputation among chirologists? For the record, chirologists are fortunetellers.

“When these [traits] started getting studied in the late 19th century … there was a push to link [physiological] traits with personality traits. There’s no real scientific connection between BDD and any personality trait though,” said Dr. Nathaniel H. Robin, an active clinical genetics practitioner and professor at University of Alabama at Birmingham, who authored a paper on BDD.'

'Contrary to what many people with BDD think, BDD “is a fairly common trait,” Robin said. It stays in the population because “it’s a benign variant,” meaning it is neither advantageous nor detrimental to those that express the trait.'

'According to “Abnormal Skeletal Phenotypes,” published in 2005 by Alessandro Castriota-Scanderbeg and Bruno Dallapiccola, two prominent radiologists, BDD occurs in 0.4 percent of whites and 0.1 percent of blacks in the United States, with a higher incidence in Israel (1.6 percent of Jews, 3 percent of Arabs) and Japan. In three-quarters of cases, BDD occurs bilaterally, which means it appears on both thumbs, while in the rest of the cases it only appears on one thumb, with the other thumb normal.

There is also a skew among genders. The pioneering human geneticist Julia Bell found in a 1951 study that 60 percent of those affected with BDD were female, while 40 percent were male. The geneticist Robert Stecher confirmed the preponderance for females in a 1957 study. The reason for this may be due to incomplete penetrance, a genetic term that means that a trait fails to express itself even though a person carries the necessary genes. In the BDD case, there is evidence to suggest that the trait has complete penetrance in females and incomplete penetrance in males. BDD is also an autosomal dominant gene, which means a person only needs to inherit it from one parent in order to express the trait.'

'In the past 10 years, scientists have been able to gain more insight into the genetic basis of BDD. In a 2003 study published in The American Journal of Human Genetics, researchers reported that two mutations in the gene HOXD13 may contribute to BDD.'

'So who has this trait? One of its most famous carriers is Megan Fox, an actress starring in the “Transformers” movies. Due to her profile as a celebrity, discovery of her BDD thumb was highly publicized. Russian author and Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn is also purported to have at least one BDD thumb. Other people with the trait include: Malin Akerman (US actress), Tory Mussett (Australian actress), Ashley Lynn Cafagna (US actress), and Kristen van Der Noot (Germany DJ and model).

The most speculated of BDD carriers, however, is past European royalty. Despite valiant efforts, I did not find which royals exactly are implicated, so we shall briefly suspend any curiosity along those lines. BDD is claimed by some to be a marker of descent from European royalty. However, as BDD occurs all around the world and is both the result of inheritance and random mutation, this, if true, would only apply to a small subset of those with BDD.'

'“I have no idea” if BDD is linked to European royalty, Robin said. “It may be true – I have no idea.”'

Source: http://blog.scienceinsociety.northwestern.edu/2011/11/the-curious-case-of-the-stubby-thumb/

'Brachydactyly (Greek βραχύς = "short" plus δάκτυλος = "finger"), is a medical term which literally means "shortness of the fingers and toes" (digits). The shortness is relative to the length of other long bones and other parts of the body. Brachydactyly is an inherited, usually dominant trait.'

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brachydactyly & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clubbed_thumb

I have since discovered various BDD groups via social networking sites, one group in particular has over 1500 members (en-counting). I came across an x-ray that another person had uploaded of their thumb (on the left) compared to a non-BDD thumb (on the right):

I am yet to meet a fortune teller, although it genuinely is on my to-do list! How exciting.

I came across this guy's 'meme' regarding 'toe thumbs', I don't know/have never met this guy, but, I swear it was love at first sight. Unfortunately for me though, the love of my life is definitely not interested.
Much love to all xoxo

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